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Matt Srama - NRL Rugby League Player

" After a long hard day at training I love using the enkido. men's range of natural skin care products as they are chemical free and non-toxic. The products leave my face feeling refreshed and most of all, healthy. "

Matt Srama currently plays for the GC Titans and is a stand out performer in the position of hooker. Enkido. supports Matt in his endeavours to reach his goals within the game of rugby league as he is a great ambassador for the sport, in the junior rugby league community and a great role model for anyone wanting to lead a fit, active and healthy lifestyle.

Tara Pirotta - Figure Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer & Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner

Discovering Enkido products has allowed for an enlightening, yet refreshing change to my beauty care regimen, with noticeable differences in how my skin looks and feels. 

In August 2013, as an aspiring Figure Athlete, I made my transition to Enkido skin and hair care products.  Embarking upon my first Bodybuilding journey, I focused solely on cleansing my body, integrating the best ingredients nutrition had to offer, whilst exercising smarter and training harder.

Having had the privilege of training amongst Victoria’s best trainers, I have been strategically guided and soundly educated in safe and appropriate nutrition, exercise and supplementation.  A key aspect of this education was placed upon not only what I put into my mouth, but also what I allowed into my body.  It was for this reason entirely, that I first sought Enkido, due to their low levels of toxicity, accessing their range through the website.

Prior to this, I had not paid enough consideration, as to how much every little thing I interacted with could play a role in my progress (or lack thereof) as a Competitor.  I was alarmed to learn that certain products were not only interfering with my body’s ability to gain muscle, but also reduce fat.  Discovering how certain chemicals, ingredients and toxins, could have a negative impact upon my progress, ensured that I began choosing my beauty products just as wisely, as I did my nutrition.   

Switching to Enkido has reduced the negative impact that Environmental Oestrogens were playing in my preparation, allowing me to be the best I could be, to reach peak condition.  Making this change, whilst also fine-tuning my training and nutrition, enabled me to gain the highest amount of muscle my body has ever been capable of, and allowed me to achieve my lowest percentage in body fat.

As a serious athlete and mother of two, Enkido ensured that the beauty aspect of my life is as clean as possible.  This has granted me peace of mind, knowing that everything I choose to put into our bodies, is safe and will not impede my progress. 

Enkido’s philosophy and ethos is made evident throughout their product range which has been cleverly designed to impact upon our subconscious.  Daily use helps to raise awareness amongst consumers, toward making: ethical and eco-friendly choices, leaving minimal environmental impact and supporting the fair treatment of animals.  This clearly compliments the very reason why I love using Enkido products and demonstrates why I have never looked back since.

Thank you Enkido!

Rookie of the Year, 2014 (Runner Up)

Ms. Figure Division

INBA Victoria

Novice Rising Star, 2014 (Runner Up)

Ms. Figure Division

INBA Victoria

INBA Southern Cross Championships

Ms.Figure Novice Division (Third Place)

INBA Victoria