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Welcome to enkido.

How we research the ingredients we use.

In the early stages of enkido.'s development, enkido. scoured public journals, used some of the information provided by ewg's skin deep database and also relied on the MSDS provided by our suppliers to find the toxicity of the ingredients we proposed to used in our products. Over the last 3 years, we have found that the EWG database is now so comprehensive, that we use it as our 'one stop shop' to search for the toxicity of the ingredients used for our beauty brand, as they place all of the data from across the world in one place: We are proud to feature amongst the top skin care brands in the world for having the least toxic chemicals in this database. 

The enkido. philosophy.

While researching the toxic chemicals used in cosmetics today, we also found the environmentally unsound consumption of using cosmetics packaged in toxic plastics, which could not be recycled. This was alarming, as we are all educated on the negative impacts of toxic plastics on the ecological system these days. Although consumers are instantly attracted to shiny metallic printing on glossy plastics, We knew it would be unethical to provide consumers with only one benefit (no toxic chemicals). Through rigorous research to find the most environmentally friendly, functional packaging, the decision was made to go with PET plastic packaging, which can be reused and recycled. Our packaging supplier is local, carbon neutral and is currently working towards creating fully biodegradable PET plastic bottles. We are very excited about the direction cosmetic packaging is heading towards. Through the journey of finding environementally friendly packaging and providing non toxic ingredients in the skin care formulas, the enkido. brand began it's journey to developing into an ethical skin care brand.

For enkido. to be truly ethical, we also needed to look at animal testing. We are proud, that as a nation, Australia has banned the practice of testing on animals. Our products will never be tested on animals. Enkido. has gone a step further and also banned all animal products and by-products from our formulations, so that you can rest assured that no animals were used in the production of our skin care products.

Through this journey, enkido. is proud to announce our ethos:


The ethical and eco-friendly choice.